Where in the World is DrNeurosaurus?

Hello friends. It’s been a while since I posted. I have not forgotten about you! I’m about 2 weeks away from meeting the tiny human I’ve been growing and have been running pretty low on energy. You may or may not know that the team involved in running DrNeurosaurus is just me. That means I don’t have any backup author to write posts when I can’t, and my recent life changes have made that more frequent than I would like.

Even though I’ve wanted to write posts each of these past weeks, I have not been able to. I will be returning to regular posting, but I need a few months off first. I will be starting a new job and caring for a new family member, and don’t anticipate much free time in the coming months. When I do return (hopefully in the early Fall), I will try to post at least once a month. As things normalize, I will hopefully be able to return to more frequent posting. See you soon!


Hello friends. Instead of a new paper this week, I’m going to give you a couple of updates.

First, back in November, I started a series of posts about women in paleontology. Since then, once a month, I’ve posted a biography about a woman paleontologist. However, since my book on the same topic got funded in March, I will reserve those stories for the book. Once the book is published, I will probably continue with the series. Until then, please check out [TrowelBlazers] for biographies about women in anthropology, geology, and paleontology (also on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr). And for updates on the book, look for the new tab at the top of the page (She Found Fossils), coming later this week.

Second, summer has arrived! In addition to the book project, field work is happening, and paleontology news slows down a bit. Because of that, I’m going to be posting every other week instead of every week. Unless something big gets published, in which case there will be a timely post.

Thank you for your continued support!
– DrNeurosaurus